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New and Refreshed Website!

My website just underwent a big refresh!image

The above is an image from my newest project on Lovies:

As children most of us had lovies; cute cuddly stuffed animals, blankets, you remember. So hard to trash. So much sentimental value and love.

Click on the image to have a look at more from the Lovies project as well as more of my new work!

Now with Instagram!

Just added a link to my Instagram account on my website, go check it out!

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Eshel and Menuez join forces!

I am proud to announce the collaboration of Ron Eshel Photography & Stephanie Menuez | Menuez Creative.
We are looking forward to many fun and creative projects!

While on a recent visit to Chicago, I photographed Benita Slaughter, owner of the Slaughter Mortuary, on the south side of Chicago. (A wonderful edition to my ongoing series of photographs on the Death care Industry) 

The family business has been in existence for some 50 years. Her father, Bernard Slaughter, founded the Mortuary in the 60’s and was photographed alongside Bill Clinton and Mayor Daily to name but a few.  The photo below was shot in Benita’s father’s office.